Trade Union Management Software

Why do you need a software to manage Trade Union?

21st century Trade Union faces a number of challenges, from recruitment of new members to retention of old. Lack of knowledge in processing of data which in turn favors the argument towards upper management in their representation of the membership.

Why should you choose ISS Cloud Net?

Whether you represent members in one region of industry or across a number of sectors, experts at ISS Cloud Net has designed software in the way to adapt to the changes your union may undergo. We understand the requirement of uniting members under one platform for a common agenda and work accordingly.

Trade Union Management gets easier & efficient with software features like these:-
  1. Management & Maintenance of complicated membership structures
  2. Detailed Reporting of members and administering control at regional & branch level
  3. Maintaining profiles and statistics
  4. Record of activities, services and benefits used.
  5. Keep minutes of meeting and update notices manually.
  6. Schedule management