Integrated POS System

It's challenging for a crowded restaurant to comply with customer's expectation of quick service & quality food keeping in line with the staff management, inward-outward inventory management, billing & accounting.

ISS Cloud Net's POS (point of sale) restaurant management system keeps track of nearly everything, Right from the stock unloading & delivery of order to calculation of employee wages. So the extra time saved can be put to deliver excellent customer service and mouthwatering food.

Things you don't need to worry about after installing integrated restaurant pos system:-
  1. Billing of orders & automated book keeping
  2. Employee management and wages distribution
  3. Inventory management, automated re-ordering
  4. Simplicity in operating system
  5. Co-ordination of procedures
  6. Demand and supply tracking
  7. Monthly or weekly audit reports

Pos restaurant management system by ISS Cloud Net is one reliable investment as it results in cost cutting by saving manpower and cut to cut liquidity management.